Bike hire

Mountain bike hireMountain bike hireCarradale Bikes and Buggies can provide all the services you need to enjoy your visit to the beautiful forest trails in and around Carradale. We have brand new Trek Hardtail mountain bikes with suspension and disc brakes and miles of traffic-free trails to follow. Our shop has lots to offer and with bike hire, electric off road buggies, spares, repairs and advice, you are guaranteed a fun filled experience, exploring our local trails.

View the stunning scenes from Deer Hill, discover the majesty of buzzards and eagles wheeling above you, feel the freedom as you cycle along. Keep your eyes open for red deer, and stunning wild flowers along the forest tracks. Experience that ‘away from it all’ feeling. Mountain bike hireFrom Bikes and Buggies, you have easy access to all trails suitable for all, for families as well as those new to mountain biking. Then there are the electric off road buggies suitable for elderly and disabled customers. We have adult bikes (with or without child seats), kids’ bikes (plus a tag-along for a child companion) and electric off road buggies so the whole family can ride. Click here for our prices.

Many of the trails around Carradale are on land maintained by the Forestry Commission who have produced a Cycle Code for cyclists. At Carradale Bikes and Buggies we fully endorse this and recommend you follow the Cycle Code at all times.